4 Tools You Will Need for Proper Knotting

21 Mar

For an effective and safe knot tying tool, recommendation the HOOK-UP Fishing Traction Knotting Tool. Designed for both fresh and salt water fishing, the Hook Up Knottyer makes it simple to tie various knots for securing lures or other accessories to the line. The adjustable blade that comes with the Hook Up Knottyer is useful in securely looping and untying knots. The blade is made of high quality stainless steel. 

An additional feature is the presence of a self tightening mechanism that prevents the line from becoming loose after it is fully inserted into the knot. The blade can also be adjusted to different size depending on the size of the fish being caught.
The H Hooks Up Knottyer is one of the many useful accessories for hook-ups available from the manufacturer. 

Made of high quality stainless steel, the fishing hook knot tying tool  includes two plastic compartments and a metal frame for supporting the blades. To use, insert the line into the two plastic compartments, pull the trigger to release the blade, and carefully loop the line through the loop on the back side of the hook. To secure the hook-up, release the trigger and pull the line tight. This tool comes in a compact design that will conveniently fit inside one's fishing vest or pocket.

The HATchet Up Knottyer is another useful hook-up accessory. The patented, self-tightening design makes it safe and secure. A spring loaded, rubberized push button allows one to easily flip the handle to lock the teeth. When the teeth are open, it's easy to flick the end of the line through the plastic compartment. This handy hook-up tool makes precise and secure hook-ups without a mess or hassle.
The Pliers, Squeegee, and Tack are three other useful knot-tying tools. Pliers are useful for pulling line tight, securing flies and lures, and removing knots while tied. Squeegee is useful for unrolling line when fishing. Squeegee can be used with either hand to cut through fluorocarbon leader, or with a light strap to use in conjunction with a fly rod. Check out this post for more details related to this article: https://hookeze.com/products/hook-eze.

The Tack and Pull are both great for knot-tying flies and lures. They are also great for fishing with live bait. The Tack is used to pull the knot tight, and the Pull by placing the fishing line through the hook. Once the fishing line is through the hook, release the clamshell and flip the handle to raise the clamshell for a secure hold on the fly or lure.

The Samsonite RV 1350 is another great option to use as part of your fishing gear. The Samsonite kit includes the quick knot tying tool, four sizes of hook, eight clamshells, and a carrying case. This Samsonite brand is also compatible with most other sporting goods. For more understanding of this article, visit this link:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fishing_techniques.

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